I Think I Finally Found the Best Shower Head

The ZenFresh Filtration shower head for dry skin and hair pressure water saving ionic handheld shower head is one of the best shower heads you can find and use. This shower head is the best shower head because of the fact that it saves water and helps your body in so many different ways. The shower head purifies and rejuvenates your skin. The shower head has a laser perforated technology that helps you save on water but doesn’t take the pressure away from the nice hot shower that you are taking. Using this shower head gives you the feel of a spa without the price tag. If you want to feel like you are sitting in a spa chair but you do not have the money at the moment just go jump in your shower and relax and enjoy the feel of the water beating down on you. Taking a shower with this shower head with reduce the oil secretion in your skin so that you feel better about your body and more energized and ready to go. In the shower head you have negative ion mineralized spheres which purifies the water and improves mineral nutrient absorption to help your feel like your skin is more clean and smooth after each shower you take.


This shower head is one that you would find to help you feel better about yourself and not have to worry about feeling dirty every again. Using this shower head is good for the environment and good for you and your loved ones. You can jump in the showers in the mornings to wake yourself up so that you feel good about yourself as you work through the day or you can take a shower at night to make you feel relaxed for a good night sleep. Your kids will do better in school and feel better about their appearance after using this shower head. It has great pressure so that all the dirt and grime comes off at the end of the day after you have worked in your garden or even went to the gym. Having this shower head for the men who work on vehicles is great to because all of the oil and grease they have on them after they finish the job of fixing up an old vehicle. They can come home jump in a shower and know for a fact that they will be clean and no smell like dirty oil and grease at the end of the day.

This shower head is also great for the grandparents when they come to visit because they can detach it and be able to take a relaxing shower without having to stand for a long period of time and worrying about falling and hurting themselves. If you need to take a shower but can’t stand because of a surgery or because you have harmed yourself while doing something then you can take the shower head off and the pressure will make the spot you hurt feel a lot better than when you first hurt it. It is good for therapy because of the pressure so do not worry if you do have a job that you can get hurt at doing.

The fact that this shower head saves on water should be a plus because who likes seeing the bills when they come in the mail. You will notice your water bill will go down and you will love the fact that you can take a shower and it still doesn’t change the fact that you are not using much water in the end. For you people who hate harming the environment then this shower head is a plus for you because saving water means saving lives and helping recycle the water that you don’t use. When you wake up and take a shower you will feel happy knowing you are using have the water you would be using when you take a shower with a different shower head.

In the end this shower head is great for all ages and people who have problems with wasting things because they want to save the world. This shower head helps more people than just the world. It is easy to attach and is not that heavy at all. So when you are taking a shower you do not have to take the hose down and feel the weight of it being in your hand because the fact that it is easy to use and light weight helps you and your small ones who like taking showers. It helps that the shower head comes down to because of pets needing showers then they can enjoy a shower and not take a bath and sit in the dirt that they was just in. It helps that it has pressure to so that you get all the dirt out of your dog’s hair and they can look nice and shining again without having to scrub so hard.

If you love the features of this shower head then you need to really think about going out and buying on today for you and your family to enjoy. You will love it your spouse will love it the kids will love it and even the pets. I’m sure if your friends find out you have a nice shower head like this one they will jump out and buy them one to so they can feel better about themselves and not let you be the only one enjoying it. This is one of the best shower heads you can find out there on the market today because of the ions in it and the fact that it saves water and still gives you the pressure of taking a nice and enjoyable shower. Do not waste your time with the cheap fake shower heads that can break easily and doesn’t give you enough pressure to wash anything. Spend your money wisely and enjoy your showers more than you should so you can feel nice and relaxed for your days or nights.

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The Truth About Being a Stay at Home Dad

Stay at home dads may often think that the situation that they find themselves in is a bit strange. Many people would assume this is because it is their female partners that are going out and earning the main income, but this is not the case. They may not be the only stay at home dads in the neighborhood, so this in itself may not be anything unusual in the area that they live. The thing that most stay at home dads find strange is the kids themselves, especially the young ones.

Most dads will tell you that they spend their days being referee between their children. Nearly all activities require some form of protective clothing or helmets. Riding bikes is an especially difficult task, especially when dad is trying to teach more than one child at the same time.


Stay at home dads also regularly surprise themselves with how much they become invested in the programs that their children watch. While they probably wouldn’t go as far as watching them when their children weren’t there, they may admit to enjoying them more than they would really prefer to admit.

There are also movies that dads would like to watch themselves once in awhile that are meant for kids, but perhaps kids that are a bit older than their own. These dads may convince themselves that these movies are totally acceptable to watch with their children, and this may come with a bribe not to tell their mother what they have been doing all day.

Any self respecting stay at home dad knows the power of a reward chart for bribing their children. The promise of a sticker on their chart is enough to get them waiting on dad for a change and not telling their mother about anything that goes on during the day.

Cooking meals for the children is one of the tasks that most stay at home dads like the least. It is hard to get children to agree on meals that they all like, and sometimes it is just easier to cook separate meals. This often includes another meal for mom when she gets in from work, that is nothing like anything that has already been cooked that day.

Stay at home dads do not consider their role at home to be a job for the simple reason that they do not get paid for it. Although it is certainly hard work, most dads do not refer to it as a job because a job has more benefits that they are unable to take advantage of, such as some time off every now and again.

The Best Roller Coasters At Cedar Point

This article is about the best roller coasters at cedar point. For those that are unfamiliar, Cedar Point is the largest amusement park nationwide; at least ride wise. It contains seventeen roller coasters; so obviously it is a great choice for the lovers of roller coasters. The first roller coaster I think of when I think of Cedar Point is Maverick. It cost 21 million dollars to build and had it’s original debut delayed. It is rated by many roller coaster fans as the third best in the US. Sadly due to its higher velocity than most of the other roller coasters, it is the most prone to being shut down when the weather is bad. But if you can stand all the 360 turns the view over the swan pond is amazing.

Another good one is Raptor; this roller coaster is inverted. It remains popular despite being shut down for a day last year after someone died jumping over the fence trying to retrieve their lost cell phone. We can’t have an article about roller coasters without mentioning Valravn; the newest roller coaster at Cedar Point and the world’s longest dive coaster. It is the second roller coaster (the first one being Rougarou) to be named after folklore. In the case of Valvarn, it is named after a bird in Danish folklore and means “raven of the slain”. It is located right behind the Raptor. Its ride experience is one of the better ones featuring three loops and a maximum speed of 75 mph.