Free Projects to do with Kids

Every parent dreads hearing their child complain of boredom. When children are home for extended times, especially during school holidays, they may run out of things to do or get tired of the same old activities. The following are some free projects that parents can do with their children to help prevent them from complaining of having nothing to do.

Outdoor Fun

-There are so many fun things to do outdoors. One of the most fun, and beneficial, is to plant a garden. Seeds are very cheap and the family can plant foods that the everyone enjoys while learning how things grow.

-While playing outdoors, pay attention to what’s nearby. Watching local birds and wildlife in the yard can be great entertainment. It can be helpful to check out a birding book from the library that will allow kids to identify all the birds species that frequent the yard. Collecting bugs is also a fun activity for kids. The insects can be kept in a jar with some leaves and foliage for a few hours to observe their behavior.


-Hiking or camping are great ways to spend hours outdoors. It’s simple to set up the tent in the backyard, light a campfire and have a family camp out without leaving the property. Backyard campers shouldn’t forget the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars for making s’mores.

-Have some fun outdoors with water balloons. A child’s pool with bubble bath added can offer a new way to splash around in the water. A backyard water park can be created with a hose, sprinkler and inflatable pool.

Find Free Local Activities

-Many bowling alleys have summer programs where kids can bowl free. A quick online search can find a facility nearby that participates.

-There are also theaters that do discounted or free family movies during the summer months. Some facilities and events host an outdoor movie with a projector and screen to mimic the old-fashioned drive in theater.


-Nationally known home improvement stores have monthly or weekly programs where children can complete a building project of something like a car or bird house. The kids are learning great life skills while at the same time making something to bring home and share with the family.

-Free concerts are another common event in many communities during the summer. The concerts are usually very family friendly and offer a fun way to spend an evening.

-If a child enjoys reading, it can be fun to checkout the local library for summer programs. A child can also be encouraged to start a book club with other book lovers.