The Best Roller Coasters At Cedar Point

This article is about the best roller coasters at cedar point. For those that are unfamiliar, Cedar Point is the largest amusement park nationwide; at least ride wise. It contains seventeen roller coasters; so obviously it is a great choice for the lovers of roller coasters. The first roller coaster I think of when I think of Cedar Point is Maverick. It cost 21 million dollars to build and had it’s original debut delayed. It is rated by many roller coaster fans as the third best in the US. Sadly due to its higher velocity than most of the other roller coasters, it is the most prone to being shut down when the weather is bad. But if you can stand all the 360 turns the view over the swan pond is amazing.

Another good one is Raptor; this roller coaster is inverted. It remains popular despite being shut down for a day last year after someone died jumping over the fence trying to retrieve their lost cell phone. We can’t have an article about roller coasters without mentioning Valravn; the newest roller coaster at Cedar Point and the world’s longest dive coaster. It is the second roller coaster (the first one being Rougarou) to be named after folklore. In the case of Valvarn, it is named after a bird in Danish folklore and means “raven of the slain”. It is located right behind the Raptor. Its ride experience is one of the better ones featuring three loops and a maximum speed of 75 mph.